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The MVTec Academy is a digital learning platform that provides interactive online courses on MVTec products. Our basic trainings offer a sound introduction for the optimal use of our software. This is a free service to help you get started quickly with our software. So, you can use the full potential of our products to successfully implement your machine vision projects.

With MVTec Academy, you can benefit from:

  • Flexibility: You can learn any time, from any place and at your own pace.
  • Standardized high quality training: a consistent quality is ensured.
  • Different media formats: a mix of interactive software simulations, videos, exercises, quizzes ensure sustainable learning success.
  • Certificate: after completing a course you will receive a certificate.

Courses available today:

The current learning offer is primarily aimed at users who are new to MVTec products and looking for a quick start.

HALCON Practical Introduction

This basic training introduces you to HALCON. You learn how to work with HDevelop, to use data structures, to acquire images from a camera, develop a small blob analysis application, and integrate the code.

Target group

This basic training is aimed at new HALCON users who want to start using HALCON for application development and prototyping.


After completing this course, you will:

  • gain a good overview about conceptual possibilities and the operating concept of HALCON and HDevelop;
  • know how the most important operators work and how to use them;
  • be able to set up image processing sequences with HALCON independently; and
  • be able to develop simple solutions with HALCON and integrate them into an application.

Introduction to 3D

This introductory course gives you an overview of HALCON’s 3D technologies and the application areas of 3D vision.

Target group

This basic training is aimed at HALCON users who want to learn about the application areas of 3D vision and want to get an overview of HALCON’s 3D technologies. 


After finishing this course, you will …

  • know application examples and the typical workflow of HALCON’s 3D method;
  • know how 3D data can be derived;
  • know why calibration is necessary in some applications
  • know about content, visualization, and exemplary processing of 3D object model; and
  • have an impression of HALCON’s most important methods of object localization.

Introduction to Deep Learning

This course gives you an introduction to deep learning. You will get an overview about deep learning methods, different areas of application and you will learn how to use HALCON’s Deep Learning functionality.

Target group

This basic training is aimed at HALCON users who want to have an overview of HALCON's deep learning methods and want to learn how to use MVTec’s deep learning functionality.


After finishing this course, you will …

  • know the different areas of application and advantages of deep learning and classic image processing methods;
  • know which deep learning methods are suitable for which problems;
  • be able to compile suitable image data sets for a task at hand; and
  • be able to set up a complete deep learning image processing toolchain.

The MVTec Academy is young and growing. More courses on specific topics will be added over time.

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