Integrated vision system by B&R

This device is powered by HALCON

MVTec HALCON is part of B&R's vision system taking integrated machine vision to a whole new level. It is the world's first machine vision solution seamlessly incorporated in the automation system.

The cameras, intelligent image processing algorithms and innovative lighting portfolio are an integral part of the B&R control system.

Vision system by B&R with HALCON


This vision solution from B&R includes different camera systems and various lighting options. The automation software "Automation Studio" is available for engineering. Easy-to-configure software modules provide every automation engineer with access to industrial machine vision.

The vision solution is fully integrated into the B&R system, which enables microsecond accurate communication with controllers, drives, safety technology and industrial PCs from the B&R portfolio.


  • Profit from HALCON's machine vision power in a seamlessly integrated system
  • Fully integrated in the automation system
  • Next-level usability
  • Synchronization within the µs-range
  • Great accessories portfolio: cameras, lenses, lighting
  • Benefit from the experience of soft- and hardware experts


The fully integrated vision system by B&R Industrial Automation with MVTec HALCON is available via

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