HALCON for the wenglor B60 Smart Camera

The smart cameras of the wenglor B60 series impress with the efficient interaction of intelligent hardware and uniVision 3 software. Thanks to first-class performance, comprehensive and expandable solutions for demanding image processing applications can be realized.

wenglor uniVision 3 is based on a modular principle and scores with its simple parameterization. Thanks to the seamless integration of HALCON, even modules for complex applications for which simple parameterization is not sufficient can be freely programmed in HALCON. After programming in HDevelop, the HALCON script can be imported and integrated into the uniVision software with just a few clicks.


  • Benefit from HALCON’s powerful machine vision algorithms on a modular, compact and robust hardware platform
  • HALCON scripts can be executed directly on the camera for complex applications
  • Ready-made, parameterizable module solutions for 1D/2D code reading and pattern matching based on proven MVTec algorithms
  • Flexibly combine parameterizable modules with HALCON scripts in one application
  • High-performance hardware with integrated HDevEngine and HALCON runtime license
  • Integrated industrial interfaces such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, RobotVision and many more
  • Numerous tutorials, templates and a platform-independent, web-based visualization ensure smooth commissioning


B60 Smart Camera – the smart camera with HALCON is available from wenglor sensoric group.