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You can download MERLIC  on our website or install via our Software Manager. Afterwards, try MERLIC free of charge for 45 days. The trial version includes all features and add-ons. Some of MERLIC's "Deep Learning - AI" tools rely on labeling, training and the evaluation of the required classifier, used byMVTec's free Deep Learning Tool.

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MERLIC is available in the following packages: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. This allows you to choose the package – and price – that best fits your application. If you are unsure which MERLIC package best suits your needs, check out our MERLIC Package Wizard.

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Please get in touch with your contact person at MVTec or at one of our sales partners.

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This basic training offers you a sound introduction to the optimal use of MERLIC. Would you like to get access to the course? Then join the MVTec Academy for free! You need an MVLogin account to register.

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