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HALCON editions

MVTec HALCON is available in two different software editions: HALCON Progress and HALCON Steady. Both are completely independent editions. This also applies to licensing, and this also means that there is no possibility to “switch“ from one edition to the other.

HALCON Progress

New features will be available for you as soon as we finished developing them. This reduces your time to market, which is a great benefit.

  • New release approximately every six months
  • This edition will always contain the latest features
  • Available via subscription model

All about HALCON Progress Features

halcon steady
Learn more about the newest HALCON Steady version


HALCON Steady stands for high compatibility and is your edition of choice if you require long-term support. It receives a new release every two years and is available as standard purchase.

  • New release every two years
  • Regular maintenance releases for bug fixes
  • One-time purchase

All about HALCON Steady features

"Both editions have their use cases and advantages. It depends on what you want to do, whether HALCON Progress, HALCON Steady, or even using both editions in parallel is the best way to go."

Jan Gärtner, Product Manager

The Editions in a nutshell


HALCON Progress edition

HALCON Steady edition


Subscription-based (automatically renews every year, grants access to all versions released during the subscription period)

One-time purchase

Release cycle

6 months

2 years


During the subscription periodLong-term support

Deep Learning

IncludedPurchasable module increment

Runtime licenses

Perpetual license

Perpetual license

Runtime license upgradability

Free up to 2 years after purchaseAvailable on request

Development licenses

Validity is limited to the
subscription period
Unlimited validity

Not sure which edition fits best for you?

Do not hesitate to ask your contact person at MVTec or your local sales partner for more advice.  

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