MERLIC packages

MERLIC 5's licensing model allows you to choose the package – and price – that exactly fits the scope of your application. Depending on the required number of camera devices and features (“add-ons”) for the application, the packages Small, Medium, Large and X-Large are available. Pay only for what you really need!

Discover which MERLIC package fit your needs the best

To offer you the best possible support, we would like to help you find the perfect MERLIC package for you. You can easily find the right package for the right application by using our Package Wizard.

Package Wizard

Simply answer the three questions provided by our wizard to find the right MERLIC 5 license package for your needs. You can always use the "back" button to return to the previous step in case you change your mind regarding your answer.

Find your MERLIC package

Found the right package?

If we have been able to help you and you have opted for one of our MERLIC packages (Small, Medium, Large and X-Large), you are now equipped with software that is ideally tailored to your applications. A wide range of license packages that support the following functions:

All MERLIC 5 packages support following features:

Image Acquisition

MERLIC supports all USB3 Vision and GigE Vision compliant cameras and imaging hardware as well as hardware supporting the GenICam standard. Depending on the package MERLIC limits the number of cameras simultaneously connected to the Image Source Manager. If more than 4 cameras are required, the Double Camera Device add-on can be booked.

The number of collection sources is a decisive parameter for the choice of your package.

MERLIC Creator/ Tools / easy Touch

Includes all needed functions for creating and configuring MVApps.

Remote Frontend

Allows to open multiple frontends with different designs on various computer(s) remotely for visualize the application.

Recipe Management

Enables changes of recipe for different configurations and MVApps through communication interface in process mode.


Enables fully integrated applications, including communication with e.g., fieldbus, OPC UA, Digital IOs, Sockets and others. The use of communication API for customized interfaces is possible.

User Management

Allows restricting accessibility of frontends, based on user login.

AI Accelerator Interface (AI²)

Supports various Deep Learning Accelerators besides CPU and NVIDIA GPU for inference, e.g., OpenVINO.

Deep Learning

Enables the use of AI tools for solving applications.

Deep Learning can be booked as an add-on to the license packages Small, Medium and Large.

Custom Tools

Enables the use of customized tools developed in HALCON to extend the standard tool set.

Custom Tools can be booked as an add-on to the license packages Small, Medium and Large.