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Here you will find a comprehensive documentation of our software MVTec HALCON. Manuals, instructions and release notes for the latest version will be a useful help in your daily business. You will find further information in the service & support section. Take a look at our videos, tutorials and read the articles in the developers' corner.

Reference Manual


Quick Guide

Download PDF (2.7 MB)

Installation GuideDownload PDF (0.4 MB)
HDevelop User's GuideDownload PDF (5.6 MB)
Solution Guide I - BasicsDownload PDF (11.7 MB)
Solution Guide II-A - Image AcquisitionDownload PDF (0.6 MB)
Solution Guide II-B - MatchingDownload PDF (3.4 MB)
Solution Guide II-C - 2D Data CodesDownload PDF (4.5 MB)
Solution Guide II-D - ClassificationDownload PDF (4.3 MB)
Solution Guide III-A - 1D MeasuringDownload PDF (1.2 MB)
Solution Guide III-B - 2D MeasuringDownload PDF (2.5 MB)
Solution Guide III-C - 3D VisionDownload PDF (14.2 MB)
Technical UpdatesDownload PDF (0.2 MB)

Programmer's Manuals*

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Programmer's GuideDownload PDF (1.9 MB)
Extension PackageDownload PDF (0.8 MB)
HALCON for Arm®-based PlatformsDownload PDF (0.2 MB)

Technical Notes*

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Gray Value InterpolationDownload PDF (0.4 MB)
Parallel ProgrammingDownload PDF (0.8 MB)
Surface-Based MatchingDownload PDF (3.3 MB)

Release Notes

HALCON 23.11 ProgressRead online
HALCON 23.05 ProgressRead online
HALCON 22.11 SteadyRead online
HALCON 22.11 ProgressRead online
HALCON 21.11 ProgressRead online
HALCON 21.05 ProgressRead online
HALCON 20.11 SteadyRead online
HALCON 18.11.4 SteadyRead online
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Product Discontinuations

USB Dongles FlexNet IDDownload PDF (0.2 MB)

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