HALCON for Android

With "HALCON Embedded for Android," the software now also runs on portable devices such as tablets, phablets and smartphones that use the Android operating system. For this purpose, MVTec successfully tested HALCON Embedded on different Android systems. In response to a customer request and as part of a project, MVTec develops a customized Android version that is perfectly tailored to individual requirements. This version benefits companies that develop professional imaging applications based on the Android platform. It also lays the groundwork for additional application scenarios, including those for private users that use the advantages of imaging in a wide range of applications for object or text recognition in everyday situations.


Ready for HALCON
  • Profit from HALCON's machine vision power on a mobile phone platform
  • Access the full functionality of HALCON
  • Execution of HDevelop programs on the phone
  • Integrate powerful image processing into your individual mobile phone application
  • Please note: HALCON for Android is a Customized Solution.

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