How can I buy a license?

If you want to get started with HALCON, please follow these steps:

1. Download HALCON

2. Request your license

  • Please get in touch with your contact person at MVTec or at one of our sales partners to request a license or more licenses.
  • If you don’t have a contact person yet, you find a sales partner in your region here.

How much does a HALCON license cost?

As it strongly depends on the kind and number of licenses you need, please request a quote from your contact person.

Contact MVTec   Find a sales partner in your region

Did you know you can manage all your MVTec products in one place?

Use this lightweight, browser-based online installer for MVTec products to efficiently download and install HALCON, MERLIC, and the Deep Learning Tool. The Software Manager also allows registering of default HALCON applications and managing of other installed MVTec products.

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