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Newest features of MERLIC 5.5

With the new version, MVTec continues it's established path with MERLIC - easy process integration combined with powerful machine vision methods. That's why MERLIC 5.5 again includes an interface that further simplifies the process integration of MERLIC.

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What's changing?

For improved process integration, a new TCP socket plugin has been developed that enables text-based communication with devices that do not support complex protocols. The new technologies include the deep-learning-based method Deep Counting for counting large quantities of objects, as well as a new tool for recognizing colors. Another new feature, “High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging”, makes it possible to process high contrast differences and effectively eliminate overexposed or underexposed areas in images.

New TCP socket plug-in

MERLIC 5.5 extends its connectivity capabilities with the introduction of a new TCP socket plug-in. This plug-in features the ability to use a highly customizable, text-based protocol. Users can now configure specific, simple ASCII messages that contain only the information relevant to their application. These messages can be easily processed by devices that do not support complex protocols such as OPC UA. The plug-in can be easily configured within MERLIC’s RTE (Runtime Environment) Setup, providing a straightforward solution for integrating MERLIC into existing systems.

Deep Counting

The new "Count with Deep Learning" concept tool in MERLIC 5.5 allows users to count many objects efficiently and accurately while also detecting their positions. Unlike other deep-learning-based methods, this feature can be rapidly trained with minimal labeling. This streamlines the process and significantly boosts the efficiency of object counting, particularly in scenarios involving deformable materials or bulk goods. Simultaneously, this also reduces the time and cost typically associated with deep learning model training.

New color recognition tool

MERLIC 5.5 introduces a new way to handle colors. After training, the new “Recognize Color” concept tool then enables the reliable detection of colors in various conditions. Users can even further refine detection accuracy by setting specific thresholds for acceptable deviations.

Ideal for a range of use cases, such as part verification or selection, verifying proper cable connections, or confirming the installation of the correct resistor, this concept tool helps streamlining and enhancing quality control processes.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging

MERLIC 5.5 includes new methods for HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging. This feature extends the existing “Merge Images” tool, now equipped with HDR functionality to combine images of varying exposures into a single HDR image. This enhancement ensures that high contrast differences are handled, effectively eliminating overexposed or underexposed areas in images. As a result, even the most challenging lighting conditions can be accurately represented and analyzed.

This opens up new possibilities for a variety of applications, including the measurement of reflective surfaces and increasing the dynamic range of an image.