Bar- & Data Code Reading

Our products read all forms of bar- and data codes extremely robust, even if the reading process is impeded by factors like overexposure, print growth, defocus, distortion or very small code sizes. Please find detailed information below.

Reading of bar codes

All common bar codes can be read regardless of orientation - even with an element width of less than 1 pixel (subpixel), or, if the code is partly occluded. The error-free identification of bar codes with our software products is constantly improved.

It bears mentioning that our software reads bar codes particularly in the case of defocus as well as significantly overexposed images in which the code bars are displayed extremely narrow. It is able to read individual bars that are only five percent of their original width due to overexposure. In addition, bar codes with up to 95% of "print growth" can be reliably identified as well. Print growth happens when the bars become much too wide during printing because too much ink was used. Check out our video about robust bar code reading despite overexposure and print growth to find out more about robust bar code reading with our software.

Reading of data codes

MVTec software products read Data Matrix ECC 200, QR, Micro QR, Aztec, DotCode and PDF417 codes of any size with modules smaller than 2x2 pixels. They can also read data codes with a distorted finder pattern. In addition to printed codes, the software robustly reads "Direct Part Mark" (DPM) codes and etched codes on different surfaces and under varying illumination conditions.

Reading of Aztec codes

MVTec products provide a robust and reliable data code reader for many well-established 2D codes as well as some industry-specific codes. The Aztec code is typically used in ticketing applications.

Reading of Micro QR codes

Reading of Micro QR Codes
Micro QR Code

The Micro QR code is mainly used for identification of small objects if the normal QR code is too large. The software provides a reliable and robust data code reader for Micro QR codes thus allowing customers to enter associated markets.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance of bar codes and data codes: Our software grades in compliance with the standards ISO/IEC 15415, ISO/IEC 15416, AIM DPM-1-2006, and SEMI T10. Our software secures the quality of your codes.

Application examples

Find out how customers use MVTec software to develop high-innovative solutions with bar code and data code reading.

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