Glass, Metal, Paper, Foil & Printing

The automated inspection of reflective materials presents numerous challenges that are not typically overcome with basic machine vision technology. Unwanted surface reflections degrade image quality making the extraction of required information extremely difficult. As a result, manufacturers looking to improve product quality must often do so using slow, error-prone, and expensive manual processes.

Print inspection is vital for ensuring consistent, accurate, and positive promotion of a company’s brand. For printed product warnings, or instructions for use, reliable inspection can help avoid costly legal problems as well.  

MVTec’s machine vision software offers low-level programming flexibility to fine-tune image processing techniques and enhance image quality in difficult imaging applications. Combined with unique methods for surface inspection, defect detection, OCR/OCV, and other classification-based techniques, MVTec makes the automated inspection of reflective materials and print using machine vision possible.

Methods and techniques

  • Surface inspection
  • Defect recognition
  • Print inspection
  • Completeness inspection
  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • OCV (optical character verification)
  • 2D/3D matching
  • 2D/3D measuring
  • 3D vision

Application examples

Find out how customers use MVTec software to develop high-innovative solutions for glass, metal, paper, foil and printing.

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