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Frequently Asked Questions

What is machine vision?

Machine vision is deployed where camera images are not only acquired, but must also be analyzed in real time: for manufacturing, quality control, traffic control, medical technology, and surveillance.

Machine vision is a multi-purpose technology , which currently shows the highest growth in the machinery industry. Software plays the central role. High-quality software can compensate the disturbances and weaknesses of an application.

Who needs machine vision?

  • Anybody who must mass-produce goods.
  • Anybody who would like to automatize their production.
  • Anybody who wants to profit from Industry 4.0 aka the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Anybody who wants 100% quality for their entire production.
  • Anybody who strives for improvements in medical image analysis.

What is software for machine vision?

Software is the core of any machine vision application. Illumination highlights an object. Cameras transform images into electronic signals. Computers process the images.

It is machine vision software, however, that analyzes and interprets this data. Machine vision software transforms image data into measurable and interpretable quantities, the basis for decisions. Here, speed, robustness, and accuracy are essential criteria.

What are the features of good machine vision software?

  • Functionality - to address sophisticated applications
  • Robustness - against various distortions
  • Accuracy - regarding real world coordinates
  • High performance
  • High image - and pixel resolution
  • User-friendliness
  • Flexibility by
    • a huge number of methods
    • hardware compatibility
    • support of different systems and programming environments
    • open interfaces
    • support and training
  • Adaptivity to changing customer requirements