Measuring at a glance

1D measuring

The powerful algorithms of MVTec’s software measure between edges along lines or arc segments performing subpixel-accurate measurements in less than a millisecond. Using gray-value calibration, even non-linear gray-value responses can be compensated to achieve highest accuracy.

2D measuring

Fitting an ellipse to a subpixel contour output of an edge filter allows you to achieve the highest measurement precision. The software’s metrology model automatically extracts contour data from images with more than one channel, e. g., from color images.

3D measuring

Outstanding algorithms of MVTec products reconstruct the disparity or distance images or 3D coordinates of surfaces using many different methods such as binocular, multi-view and photometric stereo, sheet of light, and depth from focus. You can also determine the 3D pose of circles and rectangles easily with only one camera. The segmentation and fitting of 3D primitives allows accurate measurement of, e.g., cylinders, spheres, and planes.

Application examples

Find out how customers use MVTec software to develop high-innovative solutions through measuring.

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