Free evaluation of your machine vision application

You are facing a problem with an identification, measurement, object recognition, position recognition or quality inspection application and you would like to know how to solve it with MVTec software? Or do you want to know if we have the right solution for your special industry?

Send us your software application design and our experts will review it!

You will get help quickly and easily

Send us the details of your image processing application via the inquiry form. We will find the regional partner for you, who will contact you usually within one week with a draft solution, where appropriate supported by a developed example program. This partner will then also be available to answer any further questions you may have.

Best of it: this service is free of charge and without obligation.

Don't hesitate, start realizing your machine vision application today

In order to provide you with an ideal solution, we need some information about your application. Therefore, please describe your machine vision task and objectives in detail, typically providing:

  • Original, uncompressed images of the application
  • Labeled images showing what you would like to locate, detect, measure etc.
  • Description of the application context like runtimes, precision requirements or project deadlines

Request an application evaluation

Request an Application Evaluation
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Please attach a single image or a compressed file (max. 25 MB) containing various images showing different possible appearances of your object, e.g., images with marked defects with the corresponding uncompressed image files. Please note that we can’t process jpg-files.
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