MVTec’s software offers a comprehensive set of image filters for any image pre-processing tasks needed. These include:
With the call of a single filter there is no need to write complex image analysis.
  • For image enhancement: Contrast enhancement, illumination correction, scaling, histogram equalization.
  • For smoothing: Edge-preserving and enhanced smoothing, Gaussian smoothing, binomial filter, mean filter, rank filters (median, separated median, weighted median, etc.), midrange filter, sigma filter, trimmed mean, salt and pepper noise elimination, recursive smoothing filters.

  • Edge filters: Canny, Deriche, Lanser, Shen, Frei, Kirsch, Roberts, Prewitt, Robinson, Sobel, Laplace, difference of Gaussians, derivatives of Gaussians, edge closing.

  • Point filters: Förstner, Harris, Lepetit, Sojka point extractors with subpixel accuracy.

  • Inpainting: Restoration of missing image information.

  • For texture: Laws filters (3x3, 5x5, 7x7), deviation, entropy.

  • For arithmetic: Scaling, addition, subtraction, multiplication, absolute value, maximum, minimum, inversion, square root, trigonometric functions, logarithm, exponential, power.

  • Color transformations: CIElab, hsv, hsi, yiq, yuv, CIExyz, hls, ihs, etc.

  • Fourier transform: Extremely fast FFT, Gaussian, mean, derivative, Gabor, bandpass, highpass, lowpass filters, energy, phase, power.

  • Hough transformation: Lines, circles.

  • Miscellaneous filters: User-defined filters, dot filter, gray skeleton, principal components, topographic sketch, Gauss pyramid, type conversion. 

Application examples

Find out how customers use MVTec software to develop high-innovative solutions through filtering.

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