Machine Vision – Indispensable for battery cell production

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How battery manufacturers can benefit from the use of machine vision and make their production processes more efficient

The demand for batteries for a wide range of applications is skyrocketing worldwide, whether for smartphones, tablets, laptops, or electric vehicles. According to a study by Porsche Consulting, the global battery market is expected to grow to over 5,500 gigawatt hours by the year 2030. Based on calculations, the overall market will increase tenfold in this decade. Battery manufacturers are facing the challenge of producing the growing volume of batteries in demand quickly, efficiently, and at a very high quality. Scarce resources, supply bottlenecks, and the ongoing shortage of skilled workers are making the situation even more difficult.

If the industry wants to successfully meet this challenge, it needs to set up process chains. Machine vision plays a key role in this context. It optimizes the workflows in, e.g., cell production, a production stage that accounts for a particularly high share of the total value created in the battery production chain.

Highlights in this white paper

  • Machine vision optimizes all process steps of battery cell production
  • Overview of how image processing solves the individual challenges
  • HALCON and MERLIC offer ideal features for high-performance quality assurance at high speeds

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