Automate 2023

MVTec LLC will once again participate in the Automate show in Detroit in 2023.

Surrounded by 25,000+ decision makers, engineers, technicians and curious explorers from companies of all sizes, MVTec will show the potential of the product range around HALCON and MERLIC through three demonstrations.

Discover the MVTec booth number 1835 from May 22 - 25 at the Huntington Place Convention Center (https://www.automateshow.com/).

Our Demonstrations at the booth:

Deep Counting:

With Deep Counting, a feature is available to customers as of HALCON 23.05 that can be used to count a large number of objects quickly and robustly as well as to detect their position. The deep-learning-based technology offers significant advantages over existing machine vision methods: The feature can be deployed very quickly, since only very few objects need to be labeled and trained – both steps can be easily done within HALCON. The technology provides reliable results even for objects of highly reflective and amorphous material. With Deep Counting large numbers of objects such as glass bottles, tree trunks, or food can be counted.

Global Context Anomaly Detection:

MERLIC facilitates the newly developed Deep Learning method "Global Context Anomaly Detection". This state-of-the-art technology detects new variants of anomalies by "understanding" the logical content of images. This feature is especially useful in any industry, which need completeness checks, quality inspections, defect detection, or print inspections during its production process. All that is required are good quality images, therefore no time-consuming labeling is needed.

Bar- & Data Code Reading:

Our products read all forms of bar- and data codes extremely robust, even if the reading process is impeded by factors like overexposure, print growth, defocus, distortion or very small code sizes.

More exciting info will follow soon. Stay tuned!