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Is AI not easy-to-use after all?

MVTec’s Christian Eckstein (Product Manager, Deep Learning Tool) will be part of the online panel discussion at the inVISION Days.
Christian Eckstein will discuss the usability of AI vision systems at the inVISION Days.

With AI, automatic inspections are democratized and every user can train and implement the inspection systems themselves without prior vision knowledge. But who is already using AI vision systems in the line, or is the topic perhaps more complex?

Topics of the panel discussion include where does AI really relieve the user, how many training images are necessary (and what role do synthetic images play in this), what is the usability promise worth and how high must the necessary technical skills of the user be.

The online Panel Discussion is part of the inVision Days, a free three-day online conference, where machine vision trends will be presented in lectures, keynotes and panel discussions. The inVISION Days are organized by the inVISION journal.

The panel discussion will be streamed at the end of day 3 of the inVISION Days, also available on demand.

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