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MVTec is part of the Siemens "AI with Purpose Summit 2024"

What are the benefits of AI in industrial machine vision applications? Klaus Schrenker, Business Development Manager, and Ulf Schulmeyer, Product Manager MERLIC, invite the participants to join their presentation on stage.
Ulf Schulmeyer and Klaus Schrenker will present a demo on “Anomaly Detection for Visual Inspection” on the Siemens Industrial Edge.

MVTec is demonstrating its AI-based Anomaly Detection with a live inspection of a cylindrical battery cell's surface. For the first time, this app, available on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace, is running on a Siemens Edge device with GPU for enhanced performance. Join us to discuss your machine vision use case or try the app free for 3 months.

The “AI with Purpose Summit 2024” is powered by the Siemens AI Lab and takes place on June 10 and 11 in Munich.

Learn more about the MERLIC App “Anomaly Detection for Visual Inspection” on Siemens Industrial Edge and the free trial:

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