FOR PROFESSORS AND LECTURERS ONLY - If you are a student interested in MVTec on Campus, please request your license here.

As part of the MVTec on Campus program, MVTec provides licenses for MVTec HALCON Progress Student Edition. Please be aware that we distinguish between classic HALCON licenses and HALCON licenses for Embedded Vision applications. Please only fill in the type of licenses you would like to use. The software can be unlocked with the licenses requested by this form.

We're providing you with the current as well as with the previous version of HALCON or HALCON for Embedded Devices. However, please note that each version may encompass different features and may be incompatible in some cases. For further information please refer to our release notes. We advise you to inform your students on what version will be used for your lectures.

Please request your HALCON Progress Student Edition here:

Request Form for MVTec on Campus
Please note that all licenses are limited to one academic term. (6 months)
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