Download the MVTec 3D-AD dataset

We provide a download link for the whole dataset, as well as links for each object category. For each object, the data consists of four folders:

  • 'train', which contains the defect-free training samples.
  • 'validation', which contains the defect-free validation samples.
  • 'test', which contains the defective and defect-free test samples.
  • 'calibration', which contains the internal camera parameters of the 3D sensor.

Each dataset split contains two subdirectories:

  • 'xyz', which contains 3-channel TIFF images that store the x,y, and z coordinates.
  • 'rgb', which contains 3-channel PNG images that store the corresponding RGB values for each 3D point.

The test split additionally includes a ground truth directory 'gt'. For each test sample, this directory contains a 1-channel PNG image. It indicates, for each image pixel, whether a defect is present or not. The defect type is reflected in the pixel value of the image. The mapping between defect names and pixel values is specified in the file class_ids.json.

Download the whole dataset

Since the whole dataset is about 13.2 GB in size, we also provide links to download each object category separately: