Download the MVTec LOCO AD dataset

For your convenience, we provide a download link for the whole dataset, as well as links for each object category.
For each object, the data consist of four folders:

  • 'train', which contains the anomaly-free training images.
  • 'validation', which contains the anomaly-free validation images.
  • 'test', which contains the test images in three subdirectories: 'good', logical_anomalies', and 'structural_anomalies'.
  • 'ground_truth', which contains the pixel-precise annotations of anomalous regions which are represented as a 1-channel PNG image.

The file 'defects_config.json' contains the mapping between defect names and pixel values as well as parameters used for evaluation.

Download the whole dataset

Since the whole dataset is about 5.71 GB in size, we also provide links to download each object category separately: