HALCON Progress Key Visual shows a person running at high speed

Release Notes for HALCON Progress

Hotfix for HALCON Progress

This document provides the release notes for MVTec HALCON Progress, as released in January 2021, which is a Hotfix for HALCON Progress. For general information like licensing or supported operating systems, see the release notes of HALCON Progress.

Detailed Description of Changes in HALCON Progress (Hotfix)

The changes in HALCON Progress are described with respect to HALCON Progress.


  • On some computers, HALCON could not start after 2021-01-01 and showed the error 2021 (“System clock has been set back”). This problem has been fixed.


  • HDevelop's variable inspection windows did not use the selected 'Values and Parameters' font when opened. This problem has been fixed.
  • If a procedure interface dialog had been added to the docking environment during the previous session, and then this dialog was used in the new session, HDevelop could crash during a restart. This problem has been fixed.
  • On some platforms, the program editor did not have the input focus on startup. This problem has been fixed.

Code Export

  • If an output variable for an operator call was also used in an expression passed as input parameter (e.g., concatenation), the export to C# and VB.net did not work. This problem has been fixed.

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