Release Notes for HALCON Progress

Hotfix for HALCON Progress

This document provides the release notes for MVTec HALCON Progress, as released in July 2020, which is a Hotfix for HALCON Progress. For general information like licensing or supported operating systems, see the release notes of HALCON Progress.

Detailed Description of Changes in HALCON Progress (Hotfix)

The changes in HALCON Progress are described with respect to HALCON Progress.

Deep Learning

  • If the system parameter "cudnn_deterministic" was specified as "true" and the model parameter "optimize_for_inference" was also "true", the training of this deep learning model did not use the corresponding deterministic cuDNN backward algorithm for convolution layers as required. Hence, the training of such a model was most likely not deterministic on a GPU. This problem has been fixed.


  • find_shape_model, find_shape_models, find_scaled_shape_model, find_scaled_shape_models, find_aniso_shape_model, find_aniso_shape_models, and find_shape_model_3d did not abort in a timeout error in rare cases where the operator was parallelized and a timeout was set. This problem has been fixed.


  • When using a license bound to a dongle, HDevelop could periodically fail to communicate with the dongle and complain about a licensing error in response. This problem has been fixed.

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