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MVTec interfaces

MVTec Software offers a wide range of interfaces to image acquisition and digital I/O devices, dongles and standards.

If you cannot find a suitable interface for your device, you can use a template for the integration and download it here. Simply select "Templates" in the "Category" selection field.

Interfaces for HALCON

MVTec interfaces for digital I/O and image acquisition are compatible with a range of HALCON versions. If you want to find out which version the interface is compatible with, please look at the number at the end of the interface version name.

Example: GigEVision2 Interface for all GigE Vision compliant Devices Rev. 20.11.17 (x64-win64)
An interface version always consists of three numbers, separated by dots, e.g. 20.11.17. The first two numbers describe the minimum HALCON version the interface is compatible with. For the example version 20.11.2, this means that the interface is compatible with all HALCON versions since HALCON 20.11. The last number describes the revision of the interface, in this example revision 17.

Interfaces for MERLIC

MERLIC relies on the interface versions delivered with it, so they can usually not be updated with interfaces downloaded from this page.

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