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Individual solutions

We offer a wide range of services in machine vision for companies with different needs. Our customer services team benefits from decades of experience in application development and therefore develops comprehensive and cost-effective software solutions based on MVTec’s products HALCON and MERLIC.
Our services are based on your requirements and initial situation. Describe your application or project and we will contact you immediately.

If you say YES to one of the following questions, we have the right offer for you.

Do you already have a few images and want an initial assessment?

Do you have an idea for an application in the areas of identification, measurement, object detection, position detection or quality inspection and would like to know how you can solve this challenge with MVTec software? Send us the details of your machine vision application and we will send you a solution proposal.

This application evaluation offer is free of charge and non-binding.

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Do you know what you want to achieve with your application but not how?

Conducting a feasibility study
In a feasibility study, we develop proof-of-concept solutions for your machine vision task. We use our software to evaluate various machine vision and analysis approaches according to your requirements. Each solution approach is fully documented, including the performance results.

Programming a machine vision solution
As part of a project, we program an individual machine vision solution for your application. The implementation can be carried out entirely by us or in collaboration with your developers.

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Your project is already running and you have a specific problem?

We support and advise you in solving problems in your current project. Thanks to transparent communication and intensive cooperation, we offer a lively exchange of knowledge. The booked time contingent can be adjusted at any time.

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