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A unique project empowers the next generation to use the MVTec HALCON library for their very first machine vision applications. Mr. Remo Sala, Assistant Professor at the Politecnico di Milano for the Robot Lab – Fondazione Brigatti & Camerani Pintaldi, gives us insights during an interview how the MVTec on Campus program contributes to this initiative.

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Please tell us about your project. How did it come about?

The Robo-lab in Italy is the first of its kind. It has been opened in Monza aiming to encourage young people to directly experience STEM subjects. In this collaborative robotics e-learning center, with access to some of the best technology products in the sector, including MVTec HALCON, the new generation can train their knowledge and application skills that are increasingly in demand in today’s market.

This project is carried out by Assolombarda, an association of companies operating in parts of North Italy. In collaboration with the Fondazione Brigatti, the Camerani and Pintaldi Foundation, the Politecnico di Milano university, and our partner iMAGE S, MVTec HALCON has been made available to young people in secondary schools for the first time.

Why did you choose HALCON for this project?

The MVTec HALCON library has been chosen since it was previously used at Politecnico di Milano university. It includes many examples that are useful for teaching. That’s why we decided to also use it in the Robot Lab since 2020.

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Which task is being taught or solved by MVTec's machine vision product and how?

The Robot Lab allows students and professors of secondary schools to approach simple image processing tasks with HALCON as practical exercises for the first time. In 2021, 172 secondary students and teachers attended classes to learn machine vision with HALCON. The main technologies used are matching, blob analysis, and edge detection.

Which advantages result from the use of MVTec on Campus?

The main advantage of using the software HALCON and its library is the availability of a wide range of code samples and images from the manufacturing industry.

Do you have further comments about your use case or about the MVTec on Campus program?

The chance to have MVTec on Campus licenses allows us to carry out all the main experiences of image processing typical of the industrial machine vision field in the lab. Without this option we would have required to use Open Source libraries that would have been definitely more difficult to use by the students.

Thank you, Mr. Sala, for the interview!

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