Science Project: Proprioceptive Industrial Robot Gripper – Kinemetrix

Machinery | Robotics | HALCON | 3D Vision | Matching
image of the gripper setup

Kinemetrix, based in Lexington, KY, specializes in advanced solutions for robotic automation. This spring, they supported a team of high school students in their science fair project. The students who have been doing a senior year internship at Kinemetrix developed an approach towards a "proprioceptive agile robotic gripper". The test platform featured a 3-axis gantry equipped with a sheet-of-light setup. Using HALCON's surface-based 3D matching allowed the system to guide the hand to parts placed under it and perform various manipulation tasks. You can download the science fair board below to learn more details about the students' project.

Material kindly provided by Kinemetrix.