HALCON Progress Key Visual shows a person running at high speed

HALCON Editions

MVTec HALCON is available in two different software editions:

  • HALCON Progress Edition
  • HALCON Steady Edition

    Progress Edition

    Steady Edition

    Latest release

    HALCON 21.05HALCON 20.11

    new features

    as soon as they are ready for the market

    (~ every 6 months).

    with the next major

    (~ every 2 years)

    Release cycle

    ~ 6 months

    ~ 2 years

    regular maintenance updates available

    Deep Learning

    IncludedPurchasable module increment

    Product quality

    High-end quality of all featuresHigh-end quality of all features


    During the subscription periodLong-term support





    Runtime licenses

    Perpetual license

    Perpetual license

    Runtime license upgradability

    free up to 2 years after purchaseavailable on request

    Development licenses

    Validity is limited to the
    subscription period
    Unlimited validity


    Subscription-based (automatically renews every year, grants access to all versions released during the subscription period)

    One-time purchase

     Buy HALCON ProgressBuy HALCON Steady


    For more information about these editions please contact your local HALCON distributor.