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Expanded technology network with new partner photonicSENS

MVTec is happy to announce the addition of photonicSENS to their esteemed Technology Partner Program. As pioneers in 3D depth camera technology for VR, MR, and AR, photonicSENS brings a wealth of innovation and expertise to MVTec's technology partner network.

photonicSENS has developed an innovative single lens, one-shot 3D sensing solution that challenges the boundaries of imaging and sensing technologies. The integration of photonicSENS' plenoptic camera technology with our software products opens up new possibilities for our customers. By combining the depth perception capabilities of photonicSENS' cameras with the advanced features of MVTec HALCON and MERLIC, users can achieve even greater accuracy and efficiency in their machine vision systems.

The MVTec Technology Partner Program is a collaborative initiative designed to foster strategic partnerships with innovative technology suppliers across various industries. This program aims to build a strong ecosystem of like-minded companies that share a common goal of driving technological advancements and delivering comprehensive solutions to our customers.