New HALCON version 23.05: Deep Counting allows you to count large quantities of objects - Download NOW!

The new HALCON 23.05 version is available now.

The focus of the new release is deep learning methods. The main feature here is Deep Counting, a deep-learning-based method that can robustly count large quantities of objects.

Download HALCON 23.05

The Highlights:

  • Deep Counting
  • Training for Deep OCR
  • Training for 3D Gripping Point Detection
  • Easy Extensions Interface

Learn all about the improvements and new features here. For the technical documentation and release notes, click here.

HALCON 23.05 can be downloaded and installed with the MVTec Software Manager (SOM). A detailed description can be found here. For users who cannot use the online installer, we also provide an offline installer on the MVTec website.