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Two new integration partners in China

MVTec welcomes Guangdong Huahan and SPT Automation as new members of the Certified Integration Partner Program.

Dongguan Huahan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Huahan Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the machine vision industry for more than ten years. Based on powerful underlying algorithm of HALCON, Huahan provides customers with one-stop vision solutions. The business map covers most areas of South China. Huahan has a deep accumulation in 3C electronics industry and lithium battery industries.

The customer group includes Huawei, ATL, Foxconn and other well-known enterprises. With the continuous improvement of domestic enterprises' requirements for product quality, based on deep learning algorithm of HALCON, Huahan has made continuous breakthroughs in the detection of metal/glass surface defects, and has successively developed a “Full inspection machine for the appearance of soft-pack batteries”, a “Full inspection machine for the appearance of steel shell batteries”, and a “Blade battery appearance inspection machine” etc.

Suzhou Spector Automation

Suzhou Spector Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is based in Huaqiao Economic Development Zone in Kunshan city, China.  Suzhou Spector Automation Technology always focus on the application and integration of machine vision products in the a few industries, such as automotive and parts, consumer electronics, semiconductor chips, medical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and so on.

As a professional team with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing automation, Suzhou Spector Automation Technology has always been concerned with the process control and quality control in the production processes. With Halcon's powerful and advanced stable visual software,  Suzhou Spector Automation Technology helps the customers to realize the intelligent and standardization of their production processes, to improve production efficiency, to reduce field personnel, and reduce production costs.