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MVTec Deep Learning Tool 0.3 available now!

What's new? Labeling for HALCON's image classification: Use the Deep Learning Tool for classification scenarios by assigning one label class out of a given set to an image. You can create and assign your own label classes, or use the existing folder structure to have the images labeled automatically during import.

This version also brings various other new features that make it much easier for users to handle their image data set: A review tab, multiselection and copy & paste for label regions.

The MVTec Deep Learning Tool 0.3 is now available for download.

How to get it?

You can download the online installer (MVTec Package Loader and Manager) for Deep Learning Tool 0.3 from the MVTec website. If you have already downloaded the previous version via this installer, simply open the Package Loader and Manager (mvp.exe), switch to the Catalog tab and hit Refresh from server. Then, click Manage Installation and install the new version 0.3. Alternatively, we also provide an offline installer.

We recommend all Deep Learning Tool users to take advantage of this release and update to the latest version. To learn more about the MVTec Deep Learning Tool, click here.