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MVTec Deep Learning Tool 0.4 Early Adopter available now!

The first 'Early Adopter' (EA) release of the MVTec Deep Learning Tool is now available for download.

With these intermediate releases we want to encourage interested users to try our latest functionality and to provide valuable feedback to the development team. Early Adopter versions will be available in addition to regular releases.

Characteristics of Early Adopter releases

Early Adopter versions run stable and are tested (but not as extensive as the regular releases). However, these releases might miss translations and documentation. Also, downwards-compatibility to previous regular versions cannot be guaranteed. Early Adopter releases receive full product support from our dedicated support team.

What's new?

The Deep Learning Tool v0.4 Early Adopter now offers the option to filter the set of images of a project that is being worked on. Filters apply to the Gallery, Image, and Review pages, as well as the HDICT export and the statistics. This feature also provides several predefined quick filters as well as the possibility to create, store, and activate user-defined filters. Currently, it is possible to filter images by their name, their file path, and by the label state and used label classes.

How to get it?

You can download the online installer (MVTec Package Loader and Manager) from the MVTec website. If you have previously downloaded this installer, simply open the Package Loader and Manager (mvp.exe), switch to the Catalog tab and hit Refresh from server. After that, "Deep Learning Tool – Early Adopter" will be available for installation from the program catalogue. Click Manage Installation and install the new version 0.4 Early Adopter. Alternatively, we also provide an offline installer.

The release notes of this new version can be found on this page. And to learn even more about the MVTec Deep Learning Tool, click here.