Feature Preview: HALCON 21.05 – Spotlight 2

The upcoming version of MVTec HALCON will be released in May 2021. Until then, we will gradually release the most important features on our website. The second spotlight is about improvements in HDevelop and of the subpixel bar code reader.

HDevelop’s new window docking has been improved. Users have now more options to control the position where floating windows are opened. Until now, the top left corner of the main screen has been used as the origin. Now it’s also possible to select the upper left corner of the screen where HDevelop is located, or the upper left corner of HDevelop itself.

In addition, HDevelop now also includes a new docking feature called "Auto-hide”. This allows users to quickly shrink widgets they currently don't need into the sidebar and easily bring them back when needed.

Finally, graphics windows can now be grouped and organized in a much more convenient manner, in the new Canvas window.

Subpixel bar code reader improvements

HALCON’s subpixel bar code reader is capable of reading codes with very thin bars. In HALCON 21.05, the subpixel bar code reader has been improved regarding low-resolved codes. The decoding rate for those can now increase up to 50%.