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MVTec Deep Learning Tool 22.03 available now

A new release of the MVTec Deep Learning Tool (DLT) is now available for download.

What's new?

With this release, the Deep Learning Tool adopts the versioning of HALCON Progress. Feature-wise, Deep Learning Tool 22.03 introduces a functionality that has been requested by many users: Undo and Redo of any action you performed during labeling your data. Beginning with this release, the DLT also ships with example projects for all supported deep learning methods. In addition, you can now rotate and scale label regions and components in segmentation projects. Lastly, it's now possible to set a project-wide image base path. This path can be absolute or relative to the project file. Thanks to this, it is now much easier to share a project with images or to handle different image locations.

For more details and further improvements, please refer to the release notes.

How to get it?

You can download and install this new version via the MVTec Software Manager (SOM). Be sure to first hit “refresh from server” to get the latest list of available versions. For users who cannot use the online installer, we also provide an offline installer on the MVTec website.

Download now