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MVTec experts regularly contribute tips and tricks for solving different vision tasks with MVTec HALCON and MERLIC. Feel free to ask questions or suggest an interesting topic yourself.

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Improve your surface-based matching with two helpful features

Do you sometimes have objects, which have rather small symmetry-breaking elements (such as small boreholes on an object)? Does your surface-based 3D matching not find the correct orientation?
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HALCON’s Deep OCR is very powerful and can detect and recognize text in various industrial scenes. However, what if you have a special font, or want to read foreign characters? With HALCON 22.05 it is…
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“For most applications, the standard parameter values are sufficient.” This sentence is often read in the HALCON Solution Guide. But what to do if the results do not meet your expectation?
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Review of acquisition modes

In this month's technical article we would like to give you a brief review of image acquisition modes in HALCON and clarify a few common misconceptions.
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Deep OCR - Tips and Tricks

Have you already experienced the performance boost by using Deep OCR compared to the classical rule-based approaches?
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Easy text and code reading with MERLIC standard tools

If you want to build an MVApp that reads for example QR codes or bar codes you can do so with just a few clicks. You can even combine the tools to get all available information printed on a product in…
Image heatmap sample
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About MVTec's Heatmap

Imagine you intend to deliver a HALCON deep-learning-based classification application. And you are about to evaluate a trained model. You are therefore looking for feedback about this model, i.e.…
image gabor filter
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Gabor filter: What is it for?

Gabor filters which are well known in the realm of time series analyses can also be used in HALCON for 2D image analysis.
Image with bar code rotation
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Introduction to new sub-pixel feature of bar code reader

Do you have small resolution bar codes to read but don't get any good results? Then please try our new feature – the subpixel bar code reader.