HALCON 20.11 Feature-Preview: Deep OCR and More

These are three of the main features of the new version of MVTec HALCON, which will be published on November 20, 2020.
Screenshot of the Deep OCR tool
Localized grouped characters with Deep OCR
Visulisation of the improved shape-based Matching
Good results despite of low contrast
Screenshot of HDevelop
Screenshot of HDevelop

Deep OCR

Deep OCR is a holistic deep-learning-based approach for OCR. This new technology brings machine vision one step closer to human reading. Compared to existing algorithms, Deep OCR can localize characters much more robustly, regardless of their orientation, font type and polarity. The ability to automatically group characters allows the identification of whole words. This strongly increases the recognition performance since, e.g., misinterpretation of characters with similar appearances can be avoided.

Improved Shape-based Matching

In HALCON 20.11, the core technology, shape-based matching, has been improved. More parameters are now estimated automatically. This increases usability as well as the matching rate and robustness in low contrast and high noise situations.

HDevelop Facelift

For enhanced usability, HALCON’s integrated development environment HDevelop has been given a facelift. In HALCON 20.11, more options for individual configurations have been implemented, featuring e.g., a dark mode and a new modern window docking concept. Moreover, themes are now available to improve visual ergonomics and to suit individual preferences.