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Success Stories


The Presetter and Measuring Machine SATURN from Zoller – Measurement of Tools with HALCON

The company E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG is the leading manufacturer of presetter and measuring machines in the world.

Automobilbau & Robotik

Automatic Helicopter Handling System from FHS Förder- und Hebesysteme GmbH

FHS Förder- und Hebesysteme GmbH is a leading supplier of defense technology and naval technology. The company has a long experience and competences...


Hoch hinaus! Bildverarbeitung in Europas größtem Versandhaus-Hochregallager

Vor den Toren der Stadt Leipzig steht das Hochregallager und Auslieferungszentrum des Traditions-Versandhauses Quelle, das von hier aus ganz...


Machine Vision Solves "Needle-in-a-haystack" Problem for Small Parts Manufacturer, Developed by Data Systems

Data Systems, Inc. is an experienced developer of vision systems for laboratory and manufacturing environments.

Ausbildung, Forschung & Wissenschaft

Support of Intelligent Rooms by Image Processing

In recent years, rooms with intelligence are studied. This kind of rooms is becoming important not only for medical or welfare use, but also at...

Ausbildung, Forschung & Wissenschaft

HERON - Middleware for Image Retrieval Using Graphical Features Extracted by HALCON

Finding images in digital libraries or large image archives without detailed knowledge about domain, iconography or the specific kind of objects...

Ausbildung, Forschung & Wissenschaft

DCTau: A photographer's tool for testing digital cameras based on HALCON

DCTau by Anders Uschold, Munich, provides a standardized test to evaluate digital cameras with only minor interaction by the operator. One of the...