Building machine vision with standardized behavior and interfaces

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A case study on applying “OPC UA for Machine Vision – Companion Specification” in the real world

Industry 4.0 and IoT applications are already a reality in the automation world. As technology advances, machine vision systems have evolved to use smaller, and more powerful components like smart cameras and other embedded devices. With the rise of new technologies such as deep learning, these devices can do more than ever before. However, the integration of such systems into production control and other IT systems is still dominated by the use of proprietary interfaces that vary “case by case” and from “company to company”. In 2019, the VDMA and the OPC Foundation released the companion specification “OPC UA for Machine Vision – Part 1”, seeking to standardize the data flow as well as the control and behavior of machine vision systems and thereby aiming to harmonize the domain in OPC UA to enable new informationrich and secure applications.

Highlights in this white paper

  • Insight into the different aspects of implementing and integrating the information model
  • Insight into the practical challenges faced during implementation
  • Compact summary of the key concepts based on an example of the MVTec software MERLIC

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