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Easy implementation: Save production costs & increase efficiency with machine vision

With this recording, we would like to use simple practical examples to show you that almost every industry and company size can benefit from automation through machine vision.

Whether you are a quality manager, production manager, engineer or simply interested. This German-language recording is for anyone who...

  • ... want to produce more efficiently without having to delve deep into the technology.
  • ... want to automate quality controls and similar production steps.
  • ... are interested in learning more about the topic.

In this recording you will learn...

  • ... what machine vision actually is.
  • ... how you can increase quality in production and save time and costs at the same time.
  • ... why integrating the technology is easier than expected - even for smaller companies.
  • ... why you don't need to be a programming pro to automate.

Special Guest: Constantin Weiss 

Automation expert Constantin Weiss, a well-known opinion leader in the industry with more than 46,000 followers on LinkedIn, will enrich the webinar with an interview. We will talk to him about the current challenges in production and show why machine vision can be a decisive competitive advantage for companies. You can find more information about Constantin Weiss here.

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Please Note: The recording is from a webinar we held in December 2023.