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MVTec at ITQ Makeathon 2023

The creative energy of the teams tinkering, trying out, and presenting their projects and prototypes has inspired us!

This March, our colleagues were able to participate in the ITQ Makeathon in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In beautiful weather, there was tinkering, testing and presenting in a large hall - we were thrilled by the creative energy! We were able to get to know the dedicated event team and various exhibitors from the industry, but above all the many highly motivated participating students. In teamwork, many great projects and prototypes were developed. Ultimately our produts were used in four image processing applications.

Autonomous Garbage Collection IN the Ocean

Here, the task was to detect and collect plastic pieces in the water by an autonomous robot boat. The positioning of boat and garbage was realized with MVTec HALCON. In addition to simple BLOB analysis, 3D technologies were also used. The relative vectors were sent via MQTT to a Beckhoff PLC, which controls the paddle wheels of the boat.

Smart Gardening

With the help of MVTec's Deep Learning Tool and HALCON, we trained an application for object detection, which enables the prototype to recognize harvests. This can then be collected with a robotic arm. With a water depot on board, the robot can also irrigate and fertilize plants via an intelligent hose system.

Sea Weed Sorter

A machine that separates seaweed from trash. The collected soiled seaweed is first conveyed onto a vibrating plate with a grid. The vibration causes the fine trash to fall through the grid. An application for object detection was trained with the Deep Learning Tool and HALCON to detect the coarse garbage. Then the garbage is grabbed by a robotic arm and placed on a conveyor belt. After the conveyor belt removes the trash, a simple folding mechanism drops the seaweed onto a depot next to the prototype.

Team-OHM: Gardening

The "OHM-team" has built a smart gardening robot. This robot independently approaches the relevant plants and can measure important data such as soil moisture directly at the plant with an extendable arm. MVTec's DLT and HALCON as well as an object detection system can also be used to detect pests, which can then be eliminated in a targeted manner.