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MVTec supports local non-profit organization Green City e.V.

MVTec is sustainably committed to social and ecological issues. To this purpose, the company provides financial support to associations and organizations. MVTec was more than happy to hand over the annual donation to Green City e.V.
MVTec is giving a donation to Green City e.V.

Since 1990, Green City e.V. has been active as an environmental organization for a greener Munich. The initiative is committed to a city-friendly mobility, a responsible use of energy, sustainable urban design, and environmental education for all age groups. True to the motto “Environmental protection is fun!”, Green City e.V. offers around 150 activities and projects per year, such as the Streetlife Festival, urban gardening, the Munich cycling referendum, and clothing swap parties. Learn more: www.greencity.de

In addition to Green City e.V., MVTec supports other institutions in and around Munich.