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Set the sails: MERLIC 5 is available now!

MERLIC 5 - with deep learning features for free!

The waiting is over: MERLIC 5 is now available! The new version of the easy-to-use software from MVTec comes up with numerous innovations, not only features-wise: A new licensing model allows you to choose the package – and price – that exactly fits the scope of your application.

MERLIC 5 – Machine vision with deep learning has never been easier

The new version of MVTec's easy-to-use machine vision software includes Anomaly Detection and Classification deep learning technologies:

  • The "Detect Anomalies" tool allows to perform all training and processing steps to detect anomalies directly in MERLIC.
  • The "Classify Image" tool enables using classifiers (e.g., trained with MVTec's Deep Learning Tool) to easily classify objects in MERLIC.

For the launch of MERLIC 5, there is a special "treat" for all customers: Until December 7, 2021, Deep Learning is included in every package - at no additional cost!

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