Telemetry in HALCON

As software provider, it is our very goal to provide our users with the best possible product. Knowing what they care about, which functionalities they use, and how they work with our software is crucial to achieve this goal: Learning about our users can help us learn about what needs to be improved, identify missing functionality and improve the overall usability.

By offering the option to share anonymous usage data with us, we want to narrow the gap between us and the people who work with our software day-to-day, giving each HALCONIST an equally loud and equally important voice.

After opting in, the following types of usage data can be shared with MVTec:

  • System information:
    E.g., operating system, locale, region, hardware and architecture (like screen resolution or graphic card models) 
  • Usage statistics of HDevelop:
    E.g., system information (like HALCON version and language), user flow inside HDevelop (like 'which tools are used' or 'how the export is used')
  • Usage statistics of HDevelop Help:
    E.g., the used search terms, the viewed chapters and pages
  • Usage statistics of HALCON library:
    E.g., lists of the used HALCON modules (like "Foundation" or "BarCode"), operator classes, operator statistics. We do not track program flows.

Telemetry is restricted to the development environment

  • The collection of usage data is restricted to HALCON's development environment, i.e., HDevelop.
  • No data will be collected from users' HALCON runtime environment, i.e., applications.

We value your privacy

We greatly value our customers' privacy:

  • MVTec will not collect any usage data that could allow personal identification.
  • Users can view the data collected during the current session.
  • HALCON’s telemetry functionality has been implemented in accordance to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • MVTec will use the data purely to improve HALCON.