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Visual Studio extension

HALCON extension for Visual Studio

MVTec HALCON offers a handy extension for Visual Studio 2013 or higher.

With this extension, it is possible to inspect the contents of HALCON variables directly in the debug mode of Visual Studio. E.g., the contents of these HALCON data types can be images, regions, XLDs, but also HTuples. This functionality simplifies debugging of HALCON applications significantly.

HALCON Variable Inspect extension for Visual Studio enables inspecting all HALCON variables used in the Visual Studio project. Whenever the data changes, the updated values of the inspected HALCON variable are automatically displayed.

Using HALCON's extension for Visual Studio, C++, VB.NET, and C#/.NET developers can inspect HALCON variables (tuples and iconic) directly within Visual Studio. Thus, HALCON supports debugging efforts of software developers tremendously.

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