| Webinar, HALCON

Webinar: Newest features of HALCON 23.11

In this webinar, Jan Gärtner (Product Manager HALCON) and Hend Mhiri (Application Engineer) guide you through the new features of the HALCON 23.11 release from November 14, 2023.

HALCON can now also be operated purely digitally in the cloud. This creates numerous new application possibilities, such as offering machine vision services in the cloud, training deep learning models in a computationally intensive way, or enabling cloud-based CI/CD processes.

The Highlights:

  • MVTec License Server Cloud Ready
  • Structured Light 3D Reconstruction
  • Multi-Label Classification

Find out more about MVTec HALCON and the newest features here: https://www.mvtec.com/products/halcon...


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