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Working with XLDs in HALCON

In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with XLDs in MVTec HALCON.

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XLDs, or extended line descriptions, comprise contours, polygons, and parallels. XLD contours are used and returned by many HALCON operators, so that’s the focus of this video.

First, we have a look at an application where we want to find a line and check its width. Then, we try to learn more about a circle sector in an image. In the course of these two applications, we will get to know many different functionalities concerning XLDs, like the detection of lines and edges, attributes, the union and segmentation of XLDs, the selection of XLDs according to features, fitting geometric primitives and more.

0:00 Introduction to XLDs in MVTec HALCON
1:00 XLD contours attributes
1:27 The first application
3:17 The second application

In this video, MVTec HALCON 21.11 is used.