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Meet us at The Battery Show Europe 2024 and discover the “Next Level Quality Assurance”

MVTec will be exhibiting in Stuttgart at the Battery Show Europe in 2024 (hall 6 E09) and will be showing 3 exciting live demos on quality inspection in battery production.

Under the trade fair motto "Next Level Quality Assurance", MVTec will be demonstrating how battery cell producers and system integrators can significantly improve the quality of battery production with the help of machine vision.

Check out our live demos!

Demo Coating Check

The "Coating Check" demo, implemented by MVTec integration partner aku.automation, shows the surface inspection of an electrode foil in the coating and calendering production steps. The MVTec HALCON software detects and classifies surface defects such as pinholes, agglomerates, scratches, foreign particles and other irregularities. In addition, the width of the coating on the carrier film is measured with high precision. This is achieved through leading filter options, high-precision edge detection and automatic operator parallelization (AOP). The combination of high-resolution image capture, powerful image processing and the aku.visionManager® ensures the highest quality standards in electrode production.

Demo 3D Battery Inspection

The "3D Battery Inspection" demo shows the optical 3D end-of-line inspection of a cylindrical battery cell. High-precision 3D imaging using the light section method reliably detects the smallest defects and deviations in the cylindrical shape. MVTec's HALCON software offers a comprehensive toolbox for capturing, reconstructing and processing 3D data in battery production to ensure the required high level of quality.

Demo AI Anomaly Detection

The demo "AI Anomaly Detection" shows the optical end-of-line inspection of the positive terminal of a cylindrical battery cell using MVTec's deep learning technology Anomaly Detection. The technology is ideal for robust quality inspection, defect detection and completeness analysis. Anomaly Detection, based on MVTec MERLIC, is platform-independent and reliably detects defects such as scratches, contamination and deformations on battery cells and integrates seamlessly into the Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem, enabling flexible and scalable quality inspection in industrial environments.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Stuttgart!